Art links

Welcome to the art links page! Here you will find about galleries , famous artists useful links for budding artists.

Did you know that Merseyside has lots of art galleries and museums?There is the Walker art  gallery,the World Museum,Museum of Liverpool, Merseyside Martime Museum,International Slavery Museum, the Tate and the Kirkby gallery! They are filled with amazing art, artefacts and information about artists from all over the world! Click the pictures below to see about the different, exciting places!

                                      Liverpool art galleries and museums.

Tate for kids.

Kirkby gallery

Want to find out more about art from around the world and try art online? Click the orange links to try some fun activities!   

Mr.PicassoHead - Do you want to be the next Picasso? Why not try creating portraits online in the style of the most famous Cubist artist!

National Gallery of Art:  NGA Kids ArtZone - icreate mobiles, still life, jungle scenes, 3d twirlers and so much more!

Haring Kids - from Keith Haring- fun online activities colour in the graffiti style of the American artist

MOMA Kids Wing - fun activities from the Museum of Web Art

Destination: Modern Art - Help the green alien on his visit around America’s most famous art gallery. Lots of fun activities such as placing the pieces of paintings together.

 Art attack Amazing activities to download, watch videos from the show, create your own artwork and more on the official Disney Junior Art Attack website.