Lunch Options


Lunchtime is a very important time at Longview School. Not only do we believe that full and happy tummies can help children’s learning, we also believe that lunch time is a fantastic opportunity for children to eat, chat and play with their friends and provide opportunities to develop important social skills.

At lunch time there are three options for pupils. Your child may:

  • Have a school lunch.
  • Bring a packed lunch to eat in the dinning room.
  • Go home for lunch.

If your child has a packed lunch or a lunch provided by the school then they may not leave the premesis at lunch time.


School Dinners

School dinners aren’t what they used to be! Why not click here and see the menu with your own eyes? All of our delicious school dinners provide a healthy, nutritious balance, giving children exactly what they need to power through the school day. If you wish for your child to recieve a school lunch, the cost is £1.75 per day. It may even work out that school dinners are more affordable than packed lunches. We wish to inform you that if you feel this is the most suitable option for your child, it is much easier for our staff to recieve dinner money weekly as opposed to daily, thank you.

Healthy Packed Lunches

Of course, if you prefer for your child to come to school with a ready packed lunch, that is most welcome. We do however, request that all packed lunches are healthy and nutricious. Sweets and fizzy drinks are therefore banned within Longview school and will be confiscated from children who are found with them. Also, due to health and safety regulations No glass bottles are allowed in school. Finally, all packed lunch boxes must have the child’s name and class on them.



We understand that bellies can begin to rumble before lunch time, therefore, we are happy for your child to bring a healthy snack into school to eat at break time. Sweets are banned in school any sweets found during school hours will be confiscated and returned to a parent or carer at the end of the day.  In the Infants children are provided with fruit and milk.  In Nursery and Reception the Parents are asked for an additional amount of money to pay for extra snacks.

Please note: We believe that it is important for children to be respectful of one another and to behave appropriately for lunch time supervisors. If your child is displaying consistantly bad behaviour during lunch time then you may be asked to make arrangments for your child to spend their lunch break at home.