Good attendance is essential if your child is to make progress.  Pupils should be absent only for their own illness. If you are taking your child on holiday, please can you request a holiday form from the School Office. Holidays during term time will be coded as ‘unauthorised’, this is in line with the Local Authorities guidelines.

It is important that Year 2 and 6 children do not have holidays before the end of May, because the children will be taking part in SATs.  If you check with the school before booking, we will be able to give you the dates for SATs.

Absence must be covered by an absence note signed and dated by a parent.  This note is given to the class teacher.  If your child is absent, please inform the school by telephone on the first day of their absence.  When the child returns to school an absence note must be sent in.  The school will contact parents on the first day of the absence if no contact has been made.  Continual poor attendance of a child will result in the school’s Learning Mentor contacting you and your child could be referred to the School Attendance Service.

If your child is absent to attend medical or dental appointments, the school must be notified in advance in writing or by producing the appointment card.

School Attendance for 2011/12 93.5%

The school rewards good attendance: -

  • Weekly class competition –  shield presented to class with best attendance.
  • Termly certificates given out to children with full attendance.


Pupils must be punctual every day.  (On the playground by 8.50 a.m.)

Pupils arriving late will be marked late and a record is kept.

The progress of pupils arriving late is affected because they miss the start of the lesson.

Pupils should not stay away from school because they have overslept.

If your child is late, they must report to the school office to obtain their mark and also, when appropriate, to be marked in for dinner.