We believe that Longview School provides a sense of community for our young pupils and we also believe that our smart and sensible uniform can help each and every child feel as though they belong to that community.

BOYS                                                                                                                    GIRLS

White polo shirt                                                                                                         White polo shirt.

Grey trousers or shorts                                                                                            Grey skirt or trousers.

Dark socks                                                                                                                  White/dark socks or dark coloured tights.

Black shoes or plain black training shoes.                                                           Black shoes or plain black training shoes.

Boys and girls must also wear a plain navy sweatshirt/jumper or navy sweatshirt with school logo.

The schools preference for footwear is black shoes.  A white shirt is acceptable as an alternative to a white polo shirt.  In the summer, the girls may wear a blue and white gingham dress.

For health and safety reasons, children are not allowed to wear jewellery.  If ears have been pierced studs may be worn.  Watches may be worn but the school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.  A uniform list and prices are available from the office.

Physical Activities


Boys                                                                      Girls

Plain light blue top                                                Plain light blue top

Black or navy blue shorts                                     Black or navy blue shorts or Skirt

Black plimsolls                                                       Black plimsolls

Outdoor Games

In colder weather, when the older children are taken outside, a tracksuit may be worn.  Training shoes can be worn for outside games.


KS2 children will have the opportunity to go swimming, usually for a term in an academic school year.

Kit Required

Girls         -     Bathing costume

Boys         -     Swimming trunks. (No long shorts are allowed).

Swimming hats – All children must wear swimming hats.

During swimming lessons, any ear studs must be removed.

PE and swimming are a very important part of the curriculum; so please can you ensure that your child is provided with the correct kit.  If your child is unable to take part because of a medical reason, a note must be sent in.