The pupils and staff of Longview are often encouraged to take part in various charitable events for a vast range of charities, organizations and causes. We feel that this builds strong moral character and reinforces feelings of citizenship. Alongside this, the children develop a better understanding of equality by helping those who are less fortunate than them in national and international radiuses.


To coincide with these activities children’s awareness is raised in class through the means of Religious Education and PSHE classes. Whilst children learn about the difficulties that have inspired each charity’s actions, they take part in fun activities in order to do their bit and offer a helping hand

Please click on the links below to view the website of any charities we have supported:

• Plan International                               • Poppy Appeal                                  • Water Aid

Shoe box appeal                                 • Macmillan Nurses                            • Send a Cow

• Knowsley’s Foodbank                         • Guide dogs for the Blind              • Police Hampers

• Marie Curie                                         • Comic Relief                                     • Jump for Joy

 •Children in Need



Open Hands